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Nosferatu (1922)

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Nosferatu (1922)

Count Orlok's move to Wisburg and brings the plague, this reveals his connection to the Realtor Thomas Hutter, and the Count's obsession with Hutter's wife, Ellen - the only one with the power to end the evil. The Phantasmagoria Theaters 31 DAYS OF HORRORS! second life Podcast

Run time 01:32:41


Reviewer: yakofujimato - favorite - March 22, 2010
Subject: Phantasmagoria Breaks Copyright Law Again!
And Phantas, I am not making a list of public domain films for you. It's your responsibility to know if something is copyrighted or not. I'm not running a title search service for crooks!
Reviewer: Wickson - - January 5, 2010
Subject: NOT PD
The music score is sufficient to prove it's not public domain. The score here was composed by GĂ©ard Hourbette and Thierry Zaboitzeff and performed by Art Zoyd.
I'm not sure if it's owned by Kino. I know The Murnau Stiftung is responsible for this restoration. Kino released it in the States with English language intertitles. Kino later released another version an "Ultimate" edition which contains a version with the original German language intertitles and a performance of the original Hans Erdmann score.
Reviewer: Video-Cellar - - October 30, 2009
Subject: This version of Nosferatu is Copyright
Material in this edition of the film is copyright:

Type of Work: Motion Picture
Registration Number / Date: PA0001235614 / 2003-04-18
Title: Nosferatu.
Edition: Special ed.
Description: Videodisc (DVD)
Notes: Cataloged from appl. only.
Copyright Claimant: Kino International Corporation
Date of Creation: 2002
Date of Publication: 2002-10-15
Previous Registration: Silent version preexisting.
Basis of Claim: New Matter: English translation rev.; text on packaging.
Copyright Note: C.O. correspondence.

Names: Kino International Corporation
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